i have recently, finally, come to a feeling of being centered. actually, recentered. the past two years have been a buzz with many life changes, including a marriage and a mortgage, and when such changes happen, at least for me, i try to hang on to those important aspects of my past that define me.

but until lately, i felt as if i was hanging on with only a finger tip.

there are several things that have happened that have brought me back: first, i am back in the classroom. i am working on my doctoral degree and am getting reacquainted with my intellectual interests. social inequality, poverty, family violence, social stratification, sociology, etc., are all permeating my thoughts and my rebirth. and i couldn’t be happier.

second, my wife and i became homeowners. in jackson, michigan, where we now own a home, we did not initially think of a community where we could thrive (especially since jackson boasts to be the home of the republican party). however, as with most assumptions, our fears of conservatism were insignificant. i have found a wonderful bookstore, a source for local coffee, and made conscientious friends.

in all, after the buzz of rampant life changes is coming to an end, i am finding myself again. this time, however, i have a reading room and fireplace!



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