Image is Everything

My wife does it. My sister does it. My father and mother do it. You do it. I do it. The presentation of yourself in everyday life is essentially defining who you are and what you have. I personally take pride in using a cloth shopping bag, wearing fleece all months of the year, eating organic foods, frequenting local shops, and sometimes trimming my beard. Others enjoy wearing sweatshirts with Gap logos, carrying hand bags with famous initials, or having the right pair of shoes. SUV's, for example, are not purchased for their utility of driving off road through rough terrain, they are purchased for the image of it all. It makes me sick.

Acceptible fashion is socially created and socially destroyed by companies with too much money and too many worshipers. Now, those who do not live in high society, those poor proletariat princes and pricesses who cannot afford the latest Kate Spade fashion purse can rent one. Why? Image. Image is not only everything, it is the only thing. And if you do not have the right one, you are officially cast away.

Join me as a castaway.


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