CBS News recently released a poll showing W's approval rating at a meager 35%. Moreover, the disapproval rate was 57%, leaving 8% undecided.

This morning, the Washington Post published their Post-ABC Poll showing the approval rating at a still emaciated 39%, but the disapproval rate at a higher 60%!

Nevertheless, the President is justifiably in trouble. Big trouble. But my question is, who are these 35% to 39% of the people? Are they not paying any attention to the numerous scandals and problems in the Bush White House?

The number of dead US Soldiers has breached 2000, but look at the number of estimated Iraqi civilians: 30163!

White House officials have been indicted or continued under investigation for acts that are connected to covering up illegitimate reasons to go to war. Republicans in the House are blocking further investigations in to these lies and actions.

Tom Delay is now caught in two money laundering lies, one in Texas, the other in Washington.

The new Supreme Court Nominee is a pal of the first President Bush, further emphasizing the Administration's dependence on cronyism. And those people chosen to replace Scooter were his deputies and assistant! Not to mention the mastermind criminal of them all is still in office as Presidential Advisor Rove.

Come on folks! 35% is way too high! The last time a president's rating was this low at this point in their term, Nixon was in office. Pay attention ask questions! Even if you are a right-wing capitalist, look in to your Christian morals as you will see that lying, cheating, and stealing is categorically wrong. Pay attention! Blind devotion is not democratic or patriotic, it is ignorant.


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Thanks MDG~! I hope that the Bush Colletive is brought down...cool pic in the earlier post.

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