This morning on the radio, I heard that our 'esteemed' president was going to neglect the advice of advisors, troops, military professionals, and other larger minds, and surge troops in to Iraq.

For some reason, this man is more interested in making the world worse to salvage his personal, presidential legacy. What will his legacy be? The legacy of an idiot.

Tom Brokaw considered 'legacy,' as stated in his eulogy of Gerald Ford, "Gerald Ford brought to the political arena no demons, no hidden agenda, no hit list or acts of vengeance. He knew who he was and he didn't require consultants or gurus to change him."

It seems to me, however, that after six years of being molded by a minimal and ignorant set of special interests, W is now more interested in ignoring the real problems and solutions from people who may actually know how to fix these problems.

Like a rock, only dumber. I suppose the good news is that he is now a lame duck, or at least publically acknowledged as one, finally!



i have recently, finally, come to a feeling of being centered. actually, recentered. the past two years have been a buzz with many life changes, including a marriage and a mortgage, and when such changes happen, at least for me, i try to hang on to those important aspects of my past that define me.

but until lately, i felt as if i was hanging on with only a finger tip.

there are several things that have happened that have brought me back: first, i am back in the classroom. i am working on my doctoral degree and am getting reacquainted with my intellectual interests. social inequality, poverty, family violence, social stratification, sociology, etc., are all permeating my thoughts and my rebirth. and i couldn’t be happier.

second, my wife and i became homeowners. in jackson, michigan, where we now own a home, we did not initially think of a community where we could thrive (especially since jackson boasts to be the home of the republican party). however, as with most assumptions, our fears of conservatism were insignificant. i have found a wonderful bookstore, a source for local coffee, and made conscientious friends.

in all, after the buzz of rampant life changes is coming to an end, i am finding myself again. this time, however, i have a reading room and fireplace!



Race as Class

Race as Class

Contexts, the magazine of the American Sociological Association is simply amazing. This edition, a special issue on race, includes a wonderful article by Herbert J. Gans on how one's racial make-up is directly linked to their class status in the United States.

My proud academic profession, Sociology, continues to amaze me everyday. This article, both insightful and provacative, sheds much light on how people view those they encounter in the social world. It provides a history of the status of "race" as a term and scapegoat for white people in the United States. It also shows how some "minorities" are models for Western society, and some are still and will forever be, oppressed.

Do yourself a favor, and read this article. YOU are the eyes of the world.


Image is Everything

My wife does it. My sister does it. My father and mother do it. You do it. I do it. The presentation of yourself in everyday life is essentially defining who you are and what you have. I personally take pride in using a cloth shopping bag, wearing fleece all months of the year, eating organic foods, frequenting local shops, and sometimes trimming my beard. Others enjoy wearing sweatshirts with Gap logos, carrying hand bags with famous initials, or having the right pair of shoes. SUV's, for example, are not purchased for their utility of driving off road through rough terrain, they are purchased for the image of it all. It makes me sick.

Acceptible fashion is socially created and socially destroyed by companies with too much money and too many worshipers. Now, those who do not live in high society, those poor proletariat princes and pricesses who cannot afford the latest Kate Spade fashion purse can rent one. Why? Image. Image is not only everything, it is the only thing. And if you do not have the right one, you are officially cast away.

Join me as a castaway.


I usually try to keep this blog political because, well let's face it, everything is political. I also try not to post everyday because I do not live or die by the blog, but like to post things that are relevant. Well, here is some thing that will challenge anyone's definition of relevance.

Rock on sisters and brothers.
An now for my own offerings of personal irrelevance, some pictures:
Steppin' Lights
Classic Hood Ornament
Lighthouse Door

Restore the Roar!


I was wrong, but so were you!

Amazing. Simply amazing. Do yourself a favor and take 10 minutes to listen to this great podcast.

Educate. Activate.


Wal-Mart Movie

In case you have not heard, the Wal-Mart Movie has been released and is available for purchase here.

At the website, you can buy the film, organize a viewing, and see the trailer. There are also some clips from the movie, and clips from recent interviews on network televison with the producer and director, Robert Greenwald.



CBS News recently released a poll showing W's approval rating at a meager 35%. Moreover, the disapproval rate was 57%, leaving 8% undecided.

This morning, the Washington Post published their Post-ABC Poll showing the approval rating at a still emaciated 39%, but the disapproval rate at a higher 60%!

Nevertheless, the President is justifiably in trouble. Big trouble. But my question is, who are these 35% to 39% of the people? Are they not paying any attention to the numerous scandals and problems in the Bush White House?

The number of dead US Soldiers has breached 2000, but look at the number of estimated Iraqi civilians: 30163!

White House officials have been indicted or continued under investigation for acts that are connected to covering up illegitimate reasons to go to war. Republicans in the House are blocking further investigations in to these lies and actions.

Tom Delay is now caught in two money laundering lies, one in Texas, the other in Washington.

The new Supreme Court Nominee is a pal of the first President Bush, further emphasizing the Administration's dependence on cronyism. And those people chosen to replace Scooter were his deputies and assistant! Not to mention the mastermind criminal of them all is still in office as Presidential Advisor Rove.

Come on folks! 35% is way too high! The last time a president's rating was this low at this point in their term, Nixon was in office. Pay attention ask questions! Even if you are a right-wing capitalist, look in to your Christian morals as you will see that lying, cheating, and stealing is categorically wrong. Pay attention! Blind devotion is not democratic or patriotic, it is ignorant.


day one

i posted some pictures this morning, just to get things started. enjoy them as an introduction to me.

i'll post pictures and commentary, some times related, but probably not. just my way of sharing my eyes of the world, and giving some social commentary.

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